1. Suppose you are calculating an Analysis of Variance for a completely randomized design. You are testing the hypotheses:
H0: 1 = 2 = 3 =
H1: at least one 1 not equal to

Suppose the resulting p-value = .001. How would you plot the raw data for this situation (you are expected to provide a sketch of the correct format of such a plot) and what would you expect the plot to show?

(Here the p-value is what is to the right of the statistic so im guessing I just use the normal table and find the Z value that has .001 which would be -3.08. Is this correct? As for plotting im not sure as there is no raw data.)

2. The probability density function for Y, a random variable, is given by
f(y) = 0.5 0<y<2
0 otherwise

2.1 What is the mean value of Y?

E(Y)= the integral of [y*(.5)dy] from 0 to 2= 1 (however im thinking it should be 1.5 since summation of (0*.5+1*.5+2*.5)=1.5)

2.2 What is the variance of Y?
V(Y)= the integral of [(y-1)^2*.5dy] from 0 to 2= 1/3

Are these correct?