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Thread: Help choosing statistical test for conservation research

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    Help choosing statistical test for conservation research

    So I am looking at ecoregions in South America (basically regions of a defined habitat type). I have two types of data for each ecoregion:

    1....I have ordinal data of ecoregion prioritization ranging from 0 (least prioritized) to 3 (highest prioritization)

    2....For each ecoregion I also have a species based deterioration score- derived from overlapping species ranges with the ecoregions and calculating the proportion of each ecoregion that overlaps with each range. The proportions were then summed. Basically, this data is ratio (I think!).

    I now need to test whether ecoregions with the highest deterioration scores have higher prioritization than ecoregions with low scores, i.e. is there a correlation?

    I'm not very good when it comes to finding the appropriate statistical test, so any help would be hugely appreciated.

    Many thanks.

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    Re: Help choosing statistical test for conservation research

    You would need to describe things like "ecoregion prioritization" mathematically for people unfamiliar with biology. Please state

    1) how many random variables you are studying and which values each of them takes,
    2) how many measurements you have for each variable in each group,
    3) how many groups you have and how they compare to one another (are some of them "closer" to one another than the others?).

    Thank you.

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