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Thread: Help with missing data

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    Help with missing data

    I am trying so hard to understand this. I am not wanting any answers....I want to learn this on my own. I am attaching an excel sheet. Can somebody please help me understand a few things:
    1) I cannot seem to get a histogram right LOL
    2) How do I figure out missing data and how to decide which method to use.
    3) How do I go about solving this in Excel?
    Any help or resources to understand this brain frying stuff would really, really help!
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    Re: Help with missing data

    1 - The most easy way to solve this is to select the numbers you want in Excel and select insert -> Histogram
    2 - The most easy way to see how many missing cells you have is use this formula "=COUNTA(X:X)". However, this formula counts how many cells have a content. Therefore, you can subtract this from your total number of patient / hospitals /or whatsover. Let me know if that's it what you want to know.
    3 - Not sure if I understand your last question. Please ellobarate.

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