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Question 1:
A report prepared by the Economic Research Department of a bank has
claimed that the average annual family income in a town is RM 48,432. a
random sample of 400 families show an average income of RM 48,574 with
a standard deviation of 2000.

a) Formulate the null and alternative hypothesis
b) Compute the test statistics and state your conclusion.

Question 2:

The supplier of a lead wire has guaranteed that the variance of the wire
thickness should be 0.07mm. For a random sample of 10 lead wires
selected by the purchaser, calculated variance is 0.09mm. The purchaser
wishes to find out whether their received delivery has a variance different
from 0.07mm. Use the 0.05 as the significance level for testing.

a) Formulate the null and alternative hypothesis to test the population variance
b) Conduct the testing of the population variance and state your conclusion

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