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Thread: Is MANOVA the correct way?

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    Is MANOVA the correct way?

    Hi all,

    In my research, I have values for 7 (+ 1 for reference) devices that measured the (walking) steps at the same time (so that I would be able to compare them with reference device), and each of them are available for 3 different periods (1 hour, 6 hours and another 1 hour) in which the subject do different things. So for each subject, I have 3 different data of each device (20 subjects in total).
    As I mentioned, I also have a reference device; Therefore, for each value of those 7 devices, there is a reference value that they can be compared to.
    Now I want to conclude which device is more accurate compared to reference device.
    I really appreciate if you could give me some advice about the proper test.


    Edit: note that the data is non normally distributed
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