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Thread: Planned 3x2 Factorial Design - PROBLEM!

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    Planned 3x2 Factorial Design - PROBLEM!


    I'm looking at crop yield in relation to nitrogen supply and chilling duration.
    My original experimental design was to have two IVs, the first nitrogen supply with two levels (70ppm and 120ppm ) and the second chilling duration with three levels (700CU, 1000CU, 1200CU). Essential a 3x2 factorial.

    However the combinations I now have are:

    70ppm, 700CU
    70ppm, 1000CU
    70ppm, 1300CU

    120ppm, 700CU
    120ppm, 1300CU
    120ppm, 1500CU

    As you can see this doesn't make a 3x2 factorial, two of the levels of the second IV don't match up. So I'm not sure how to progress with the stats test, I had planned a 2-way ANOVA with GENSTAT stats software.

    Any help would be appreciated!

    Many thanks,


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    Re: Planned 3x2 Factorial Design - PROBLEM!

    You can still analyze using regression.

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