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Thread: Advice on appropriate statistical test

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    Advice on appropriate statistical test

    I have 4 groups who provided scores and am interested in comparing the scores between groups to determine if they are significantly different. The data is not normally distributed so I assume I cannot use ANOVA.

    The 4 groups include 5 individuals per group (20 individuals total). Each individual provided answers to 9 similarly scored questions. In total, I have 45 numbers per group or 180 answers across all 4 groups.

    What statistical test should I use to compare the means between 4 groups? Would my n per group be 45 as I have that many unique answers or would it be 5 as each of the 5 individuals answered 9 questions?

    Thank you for your advice!!

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    Re: Advice on appropriate statistical test

    You should aggregate 9 questions into just a few subscales. If all 9 questions are very different, ok, you will have to analyze them separately.

    In each group you have only 5 independent observations - 1 for each person. Since the data are non-normal and scarce, you should compare the median of each characteristic (a subscale or an original question) over the 4 groups using a Kruskal-Wallis test.

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    Re: Advice on appropriate statistical test

    Have a look at: Mood’s median test; Kruskal-Wallis test

    they aren't sensitive to the distribution.

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