Hello everyone

I need help with my analysis of variance with repeated measurement. I did a study where I measured 6 values of every participant and therefore I have 6 variables in SPSS. These six values/variables are a combination of two variables: The first one is format (1 or 2) and the second variable is level (1, 2 or 3). But I did not define these variables in SPSS as I did a repeated measurement and every participant did them all. Both variables (format and level) are within. I don`t have a between factor. To figure out the main effects and possible interactions I calculated a analysis of variance with repeated measurement.
Now my supervisor is kind of confused what SPSS exactly calculates in the table Multivariate Tests: Therefore, can anyone help me which calculation SPSS has behind this output. I already looked for it in the SPSS help, but that was not a real help...

The second question is: he wanted me to confirm my repeated measure design by a MANOVA (should be possible according to the article of O’Brien, 1985, MANOVA Method for Analyzing Repeated Measures Designs: An Extensive Primer.
Is there really a way to do this? I’m sorry, if it is a stupid question, but I have managed to confuse myself quite completely in the past two weeks... as I have no idea how I have to organize the data to do this... Right now I have no between factor, only two within factors.