Hi !!

I need help in a problem.

I measured a quantity Q from the area A of a peak (normally distributed) divide by two factors. The uncertainty of the measure depends on the st.dev of A (σ_A) and on the uncertainties of the two factors, following the propagation rules for the errors

At the end, I found the value Q σ where σ is the measurement uncertainty.

I did it for four different samples:

sample "a" --> Q_a σ_a
sample "b" --> Q_b σ_b
sample "c" --> Q_c σ_c
sample "d" --> Q_d σ_d

Now I have to compare the four values to find if there is a different value (defining α ) among the four "groups".
I was addressed to ANOVA test but it should be made for "groups" with size n = 1 and given st.error. is it possible ?