Hey there!

We are conducting a meta analysis (Hunter Schmidt Method) and therefore need to calculate the effect sizes of the different researches we use. To do this, we use the mean and standard deviation. I was wondering how to calculate the effect size/which effect size to use when there are two groups with different means and standard deviations.

The research question is: Does power construed as responsibility instead of opportunity curb risky decision-making?

An example of a research we are analysing: "Participants primed with high power made more errors (M = 4.54, SD = 2.80) in judging the emotion expressions than control participants did (M = 3.11, SD = 1.57). The interaction was not significant, F(1, 66) = 2.32, prep = .79, η2 = .03."

So we have a high power and a control condition, hence two means and standard deviations. Which effect size do I use for my analysis in this case?

Thanks in advance, your help is much appreciated!!