For my thesis I have a variable named 'status inconsistency', so I want to compare people whose income or profession doesnt allign with their education.

I am basing this on the ESS, and they have a couple of measures for this that I can use.
So they have a question about how well they can cope with their current income. And this is in 3 categories: good, just coping, and bad
then there is another question asking about education, in 3 categories: higher education, finished high school, and lower than high school.
Then there is also one about professions, which I will devide into 3 categories as well for lower professions, higher and highest.

Now, What I want to do is this:
- create 2 groups : a status inconsistent one, and a non status inconsistent one
1. status inconsistent : those with high education and low or coping income + those with high school education but low income
2. non status-inconsistent groups: higher educatoin and goodincome + high school education and coping or high income + lower education and low, coping and high income

I could do something similar with education and profession. Altho I think it will give too many missings