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Thread: Triple Coupon Collector's Problem

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    Triple Coupon Collector's Problem

    I've been looking around for solutions to a certain variation of the Coupon Collector's Problem, but I haven't been able to find anything (and I'm not good enough at probability theory to solve it myself.)

    What if you need to collect 3 copies of each coupon to have a complete set? What is the average number of draws you need before you have them all? If you already have some number of coupons, how does that affect your projected draw requirements to finish your set?

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    Re: Triple Coupon Collector's Problem


    So the problem is already solved quite a long time ago with asymptotic solution given as above. For small number of sets and coupons, it can be analysed by Markov Chain, may have better solution though as the number of states grow very quickly when the number increase.

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