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Thread: Best factor analysis settings in SPSS ?

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    Post Best factor analysis settings in SPSS ?

    Where i can get the best setting for factor analysis in spss for descriptives, extractions, rotations, scores, and options.

    I dont mind to use principle component or principle axis. I have too many items and contain for each at least 3 quesions to measure aka ( Strongly agree ... Disagress etc)

    I want to get the least amount of one items goes into another same item category, Also to reduce number of questions use for each item.

    Please Help am lost
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    Re: Best factor analysis settings in SPSS ?

    I spent a solid month reviewing the types of questions you ask in dozens of sources after courses in EFA/SEM

    This is a starting point.



    Ultimately there is no agreed on answer - different authors have different views. You have to decide what makes sense to you.
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