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Thread: T Test

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    T Test

    I am trying to do a weighted mean ttest.

    The statistics I'm using are the vote shares for republican and democrat women candidates in primary elections Idaho 2008-2014 (state legislature).

    I am currently sorting out the percentage of votes obtained by rep and dem women in ratio to the men in each district.

    I would like to control for voter turnout, but am not sure which step of the test I need to be multiplying by voter turnout %.

    Do i do it with the raw #s of dem women/dem men, or do I do it as a total of women/men. Also, I assume that I have to multiply both numerator and denominator by the %voter turnout. Is that correct?



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    Re: T Test

    I am not exactly sure what you are trying to do, but I don't think you want a t-test. When you want to add control variables it's time to go from a t-test to ANOVA/Regression (or possibly logistic regression). However, since you have (apparently) longitudinal data it may be that you need a more complex model.

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