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Thread: What Analysis tools should I use in SPSS?

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    What Analysis tools should I use in SPSS?

    I am trying to work through some research issues and NOT a stats major. I have all the data and using SPSS. My research question is to determine what affects deployments have on aviator flying skills. I need to compare pre-deployment to post-deployment and used a scale of 6 options to indicate "highly proficient to Very low proficiency" for those two variables.

    1. How should I set up the variables in SPSS? Currently I have one variable indicating deployed or did not deploy and then the other two variables as listed above.

    2. What tests would best capture statistic significance?

    Any help from you wizards out there would be greatly appreciated!

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    Re: What Analysis tools should I use in SPSS?

    I must admit that I didn't quite understand your research question,
    and you didn't describe your research design, including the crucial
    question of how large your sample size is.

    With kind regards


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