I would like to ask you about type of data which can be used for factor analysis or for control internal reliability (Cronbach Alpha).
I'm familiar with the fact that variables for factor analysis should be cardinal (or ordinal variables with longer scale). I also know, that there should be larger number of variables (ideally battery) to make looking for some factors meaningful.
So, I would like to ask you if is meaningful to make factor analysis with group of ordinal variables that are "ranked" (are ordered by importance). For better understand I would like to give you example. There are 10 variables but just 4 of them can be labeled from 1 to 4 by importance. The other 6 variables will be automatically labeled as 5. As result we have 10 variables, each of them have value from 1 to 5 but just 4 of them can be labeled as 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 and the others have value 5.
I'm working with SPSS software and it seems to me that this type of data aren't useful in the case of factor analysis and in the case of Cronbach Alpha but I'm not sure if I don't make mistake somewhere.

Thank you very much and I hope, my English is understandable.