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Thread: Non-parametric test (2 related samples)

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    Non-parametric test (2 related samples)

    At present I am working on a hospital data set.

    I have categorised cases as either having Error or No Error.
    Another variable is the hospital name, of which there are eight names.

    I have run a chi-square test to observe if there is a significant association between error data and the hospital.

    However, I would also like to determine which hospital is responsible for errors.

    Is the Analyze > Non parametric tests > 2 related samples the appropriate test?

    The test does not seem to makes sense with variables mentioned, have I chosen the wrong test? Can anyone advise otherwise?

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    Re: Non-parametric test (2 related samples)

    I guess it's SPSS what you are using?
    You could have a look on the standardized adjusted
    residuals from your Chi² test. A value > |1,96| is
    an indication that a hospital deviates from expectation.

    Or, you could create 8 new grouping variables, each
    distinguishing between 1 hospital versus all other
    hospitals, and perform 8 crosstabs with chi².

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