Hello, i was wondering what the appropriate test would be for comparing the results of 2 chi square tests.

For example, if I did one experiment (#1) where I determined if there was a significant difference in the ability of rats to detect the smell of an odour (odor 1) compared to a control (yes/no) using chi squared.
I then repeated the experiment (#2) but using a different test odor (odor 2 vs. Control).

Now I want to compare the results of those two chi 2 tests statistically (results of experiment #1, odor 1 vs. Results of experiment #2, odor 2), what test would use? I'm thinking maybe Mann whitny U might be good, but i need to justify why this test would be better than other tests for this comparison.

Also, how would I graph the data with error bars, or are error bars not used for chi 2? I can't seem to find any information on what is the proper error bar to use for chi 2 results.

Thanks for any help!