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Thread: Questions about the CLT

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    Question Questions about the CLT

    The Central Limit Theorem (CLT) involves taking repeated samples of size n from a population. That is, the process involves two things: the number of samples and the sample size.

    I am trying to understand the relationship between these two things (the number of samples and the sample size).

    (1) What is the impact of these two things on the statistics (e.g., the mean and the standard deviation) of the sampling distribution?

    (2) What is the impact of these two things on the normality of the sampling distribution?

    Thank you!

    Dr. T
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    Re: Questions about the CLT

    1a.) Not sure what you are asking, it is the mean of the means, so the minimum sample size is whatever you select. Many times people may superficially look to see when the new distribution converges to a distribution. So they may look to examine how much the mean of means changes with alterations in the number of resamples or sample sizes. This kind of gets at your other questions as well.


    See this post that I had prior. I also saw a paper once that state a suggestion for the size of resample rate (what perccent should be used in resamples). I wish I had that number or formula as well. it is saved somewhere, barried in code. Can someone else post on that or recommendations.
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