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Thread: Hot to analyze data at various levels (company and employee)?

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    Hot to analyze data at various levels (company and employee)?

    I have a data set with data at two different levels. I want to analyze the perceptions of employees of a specific management practice. The data involves 200 employees from 20 companies (10 employees from each company). The data about the management practice is at the firm level (n=20), whereas the data on employees is at the employee level (n=200). Both data set i based on point likert scales.

    Any ideas on how to analyze this relationship (I have control variables on both levels as well but I do not have to include these if it is to complicated...)? Mulitlevel regression in SPSS? Industry as a dummy variable in employee-level regression? Firm-level analysis by calculating the average score concering the employee variable for each firm? Or just running regressions at the employee level and use the firm level variable for each employee ?

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    Re: Hot to analyze data at various levels (company and employee)?

    Multilevel analysis is not that easy to explain within a single post. I'd recommend you read some comprehensive literature on that.

    Keep in mind: you have employes nested within companies, you DV (I couldn't really understand what your DV is) must be at employee level.

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