Hello out there. I really hope u can help me because i've tried to find a solution to my problem for ages now..

im performing a mediation analysis with two regressions to get the coefficients a b and c.

i know the interpretation of indirect effect (a*b) in mediation analysis when there is no transformed variable:

the amount by which Y is expected to change indirectly through M per a unit change in X

but i transformed some of my variables. now i m not sure what it means. generally in a regression analysis you can interpret the coefficients as elasticity when the iv and the dv is log transformed...

can anybody help me in figuring out how to interpret the results / coefficients in a mediation analysis with iv log transformed mediatorvariable log transformed and dv log transformed

i couldnt even find another study that did this and interpreted the values...
please help me! i would be very thankful