Hello there
Although this is connected to SPSS; I think this is the more appropriate place. Im making a linear regression and have several mediators. The idea is, that there is one independent variable (actually there are four subscales, but I want to check them seperatly) and there is one independent variable. I also have 4 mediators and want to check, which one of them is the strongest or rather if there is a difference between the mediators at all. There might be some overlap in the variance of the mediators, since they have many similarities concerning their topic.
I use the PROCESS-Macro from Hayes in SPSS; so I can calculate the mediation in a single step. The only question is: Do I put all mediators in the equation at once or do I have to calculate them seperatly and them compare them in some way afterwards?

I really have no big clue about medation, so I apologize, if this question might probably seem trivial.

Can you help me with my problem?

Thanks a lot and greetings!