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Thread: How to analyze my longitudinal data

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    How to analyze my longitudinal data

    Hi all,

    I've been struggling to figure out the best way to analyze my data. I randomized participants to one of 3 groups and had them complete my experiment examining how individuals recover from stress. At 6 time points (baseline, post stress, emotion induction, 10,20,30 minutes into the reocvery period) I sampled subjective and physiological measures of stress. How do I analyze the rate of recovery from emotion induction through the recovery period between groups? How do i analyze the rate of recovery between each time point (from emotion induction to 10 minutes into recovery, 10 minutes to 20 minutes etc). and how do i analyze any trends in the recovery between groups?

    Sorry for all the questions i'm just really stuck. I was told to use generalized estimating equations but i just dont seem to understand them and actually understand how they apply to my data set. Any help would be fantastic!

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    Re: How to analyze my longitudinal data

    When you mention analyzing rate of recovery, do you mean as in analyzing recovered "yes" vs. "no"? That would be a logistic regression model and something that can be handled through GEE methods. Since you have repeated measurements over time, you need to take into account the within patient correlation and GEE methods allow you to specify the variance-covariance structure. For something like this I would think that an auto-regressive structure would be appropriate, but you can check other types like compound symmetry. It sounds like someone has already steered you towards using GEE. Is that person available to help you out further, perhaps? Is this for school work? Just wondering...

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    Re: How to analyze my longitudinal data

    using a multi-level model would also answer the question, I think.


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