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Thread: Probability of solder ball inside a sealed package able to cause a failure

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    Probability of solder ball inside a sealed package able to cause a failure

    I have a hermetically sealed semiconductor package, NAND. And I have some foreign object debris (FOD), solder balls to be exact, inside this device. It is a device that failed visual x-ray inspection and is now inside a system. I am trying to figure out the probability of that solder ball able to touch the leads (leads on all 4 sides of the package) and either short the device or cause loss of signal/data or data corruption.

    This is what I am taking into account so far, any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Calculating a P (short/loss of signal).
    • Determine the volume/package and # leads/package.
    • Determine overall size/volume of FOD.
    • -Assumption is that all FODs are same size or larger than the lead spacing, so every FOD is able to touch 2 leads at a time, and package would be susceptible to failure.
    • # of critical leads per package would need to be determined.
    • -Also possible that shorts (2+ lead contact) can be only caused on powered/critical leads where violation of lead contacts elsewhere may cause loss of signal/data.
    • Probability of the solder ball moving inside the package is 1.

      Anything else that I should take into account? Any other ideas?
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