Hi everyone.
I would be thankful for any helpful advice regarding a suitable study design for a planned research.
I have a series of approx. 100 young patients, all of which had undergone a certain operation using a very specific surgical technique (all of the patients in the series have the same disease). These patients have been followed over the years following the surgery, with the aim of detecting a specific adverse surgical outcome that has serious long-term morbidity and mortality implications (well established in previous studies). My goal in my proposed research is look back at these patients' pre-surgical charactristics in order to identify possible predictive factors that are associated with the development of aformentioned iatorgenic surgical complication in this specific group of patients. It should be mentioned that according to most recent follow-up data - the complication has already been diagnosed in approx. 37% of patients in the series.

What do you think is the best approach? Which study design is most suitable?
My first thought was utilizing the nested case-control design - comparing patients that developed the surgical complication with patients that remained complication-free from the same cohort, trying to detect differences in possible exposures (=pre-surgical charactiristics).

Thank you for your help.