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Thread: general mediation question

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    general mediation question

    Hi guys

    Probably the easiest question ever but I can't really wrap my head around it. The setup of the research is as follow:

    X and M = continuous
    Y = dichotomous

    Suppose you are testing mediation and you have:

    X --> Y insignificant (logistic regression)

    X --> M significant (using non-parametric test because M failed all residual normality assumptions and M is not dichotomous; so I transformed X and M into categories and use chi-square test just to look at association)

    M --> Y significant (logistic regression)

    Would this be something like full mediation, partial or no at all? And is it possible what I have done, like the setup of two different tests? Would you be able to conclude something from this and if so what?

    Hope you can help me, I just need some general answers which is why I did not go in depth on the description of variables and just want to know what you think/would do in this setting. I am using SPSS. Thanks a bunch!

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    Re: general mediation question

    Could you normalize with log or squaring? Not too experienced in mediation, but it seemed like you typically have to calculate ide, cde, and a few others, you may have down that but without the lingo.

    If I follow x predicts m. M predicts y and x does not predict y. What type of study design do you have?
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