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Thread: Which test should I apply?

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    Which test should I apply?

    Hi, I have a set of of things (SNPs) which explain a percentage of variance of a trait. I got a subset of those SNPs and they explain a higher percentatge than I would expect. My question is: how I test whether the variance explained by my SNPs is significantly different than expected by chance?


    15990 SNPs --> explains --> 0.107 (10 % of variance)

    (expected) 67110 SNPs --------> 0.045 (4.5%)
    (observed) 67110 SNPs --------> 0.067 (6.7%)

    how can I test that 6.7% is significantly higher than 4.5% so that my subset of SNPs explains a higher variance?

    Thanks a lot,

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    Re: Which test should I apply?

    Are you building two linear regression models? If so, we can try to compare the models...
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