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Thread: ROC analysis using survival data

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    ROC analysis using survival data

    Dear readers,
    I would like to create two groups of patients depending on value of numerical parameter (like age), i.e. younger and older than 60 years... and check how they compare in survival analysis (log-rank test).
    I did arbitrary division and I noticed significant difference in survival between two groups. But I was suggested to use ROC analysis to find optimal cut off point.

    Can someone please suggest how to perform ROC analysis with one numerical variable A and survival data (follow up time and censoring status)? I tried several times but I can't figure it out. (as far as I understand, one would need tested variable A and second "classification" yes-no variable). Thank you in advance

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    Re: ROC analysis using survival data

    Interesting question. I have experience with ROC and some with survival analysis. Your issue is that AUC will change throughout study period (time).

    I am sure someone has come up with a clever solution. It would be labor intensive, but you could come up with a potential cut-off just using logistic regression, then run PHREG (survival) and break the sample down into say deciles based on n-value minus the number of events and censored subjects. Then you could calculate AUC for each component of the decile playing around with different ages, initially guided by the logistic results. At the end you will try to find the age value with the best overall AUC.

    This is given that you are just trying to maximize AUC, you could also try to maximize a component of it, say SEN or SPEC.

    Keep searching and update us on what the literature is recommending!
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