Hello: I have a couple of questions regarding what statistical test I should choose. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!

Break down on study:

Im studying the adoption of a particular technology. Im using Diffusion of innovations theory (DOI), Unified theory of acceptance and use of technology (UTAUT), and Technology acceptance model (TAM2) as theoretical foundations to assess what impacts adoption of this technology among organizations.

I have collected interviews with over 20 organizations which have provided input on reasons why they adopted the technology. DOI provides five different perceptions regarding a particular technology (complexity, relative advantage, compatibility, trialability, and observability). UTAUT provides four different perceptions (Effort expectancy, performance expectancy, social influence, facilitating conditions) and TAM2 provides two different perceptions (Perceived ease of use, perceived usefulness). I have asked two different researchers to code the quotes into the various perceptions in which they represent. The inter-coder reliability is very high and it appears they agree (for the most part) on the coding of each quote. Unfortunately many times each of the researchers agree that a particular quote is representative of two different perceptions from two different theories. Basically they are not mutually exclusive. For example, both coders suggests 12 quotes (a large numbers) is representative of performance expectancy from UTAUT and perceived usefulness from TAM2.

I want to create a model which depicts the most important predictors of the adoptions of this technology. My data looks something like this

DOI: Relative advantage (2 quotes), Compatibility (14 quotes)
UTAUT: Performance expectancy (12 quotes), social influence (5 quotes)
TAM2: Perceived ease of use (3 quotes), perceived usefulness (12 quotes)


What statistical test (maybe a non-parametric test but I am open to other options) do I use to assess the most important factors given that some were not mutually exclusive (i.e. performance expectancy and perceived usefulness)? Or should I assess all the factors with any number of quotes and combine the factors which were grouped together by the two researchers? But if that is the case what statistical test do I use to give me a reason to combine those two factors and assess all of the others even if they have minimal quotes (like maybe one)?

Again thank you very much for reading this and any feedback would be greatly appreciated.