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Thread: Significant interaction

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    Significant interaction

    Dear all

    How do you present the results in a publication if you have a significant interaction term in a regression model. In my model I have a significant interaction between the treatment and a continous variable. How do you present the treatment effect in a publication in that case?


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    Re: Significant interaction

    Did you run the model in SPSS?
    This article may help you: https://statistics.laerd.com/spss-tu...statistics.php

    Basically after identifying a significant interaction, you need to next conduct a post-hoc test to examine the relationship between the interaction and your dependent variable. This can be done by conducting a simple slopes test (see above link), Regarding publication, the best way to see how to present this is to look at papers in your field which have discussed moderation/moderators and see how they have presented the results.

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