Is there anyway to get this formula in the polar opposite where X = Expression? I am hoping to get this so that I can use it to help do a calculation on a few database fields.

I realize that there are actually 3 answers to the equation.... but is there a way to do it just the same.

The formula is:Y=B0 + B1*X +B2*X*X + B3*X*X*X

I tried Wolfram | Alpha but is did not give me this format.

These are my variable values which will remain constant:
B0 1.134
B1 0.294
B2 0.005607
B3 -0.000001183

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your time.

Additional Info: I have used Excel's solver feature to get the answer to what the X Value should be but this will not work as I need something that I can use as a calculated field in a database....