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Thread: help with homework qouestion

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    help with homework qouestion

    suppose that an admission test at a certain college is designed so that the probability of passing it is 60%. The probability that among 20 candidates who take the test all will pass is. Show all the working.

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    Re: help with homework qouestion

    Thing about this in the following way:
    1) what is the chances of one person passing the test
    2) what are the chances of two people passing the test
    3) what are the chances of 20 people passing the test

    you can think about the answer in terms of the changes or rolling consecutive 6s on a dice, but the probabilities are slightly different.

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    Re: help with homework qouestion

    You have to show some type of effort TODZAA, we are not just going to do it for you. Given that, do you know what the binomial distribution is?
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