Hi everyone...
Please help me with the following question
I'm doing my research that one of it aims is to test the model fit of a particular model. I'm having a problem to draw the conclusion of the fit of the model since it has various model fit indices that show different result.
Below is the value of those fit indices:

Chi Square = p<0.001 --> Not Fit (sample is more than 200)
CMIN/DF = 1.77 (<5) --> Fit
RMSEA = 0.058 (< 0.08) --> Fit
GFI = 0.813 (<0.90) --> Not Fit
TLI = 0.943 (>0.90) --> Fit
CFI = 0.949 (>0.9) --> Fit

According to those figures, how should I conclude the fit of the model?

Thank You...