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Thread: Is GLM to best for my data

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    Is GLM to best for my data


    I want to look at abundance of fleas on their hosts, so there are zero counts.

    I have looked and found that GLM with family = poisson and log link should be suitable. However, for my explanatory variables I have Sample Site, Sex and body length (mm). Obviously, body length is a continuous variable. Is it valid to use a continuous variable in a GLM. I can get R to run the model

    > T2fit <- glm(intensity~Gender2+ocL+Site,data=teminfest2, family=poisson (link = "log"))

    but I wanted to check that this was actually OK to do.


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    Re: Is GLM to best for my data

    Not an R person, but it all seems fine to me. Many times people will also examine negative binomial and zero inflated distributions if it seems like they have many zero counts. It would be the exact same set-up, but I would guess the family= option would be something other than poisson.
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    Re: Is GLM to best for my data

    Just a auick question : are you sure you have no interactions? If not, you would probably need to start with a model including interactions and eliminate insignificant terms to get the right model.


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