I would like to address the question regarding the statistics.
I am analyzing the relation between the narrow focus and fundamental frequency (F0) in speech. I would like to determine the difference between F0 of the focused word and F0 of the post-focused word, as well a the difference in pich range (R). As my corpus is specific (talk shows), I extracted 13-22 examples of narrow focus for each speaker (the number of speakers is 21). Additionally, I measured F0max and pitch range within the focused and post-focused word.
What type of test is best to use to determine whether each speaker is using higher F0 and larger R in signaling the narrow focus? Is it ok if I use Wilcoxon test or Mann-Whitney? I don’t want to compare the results between the speakers, but only to show the relevance of the parameters for each speaker separately.
I hope someone will have patience to read this topic and help me with the answer.
Thank you in advance!