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Thread: T-Tests

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    I'm supposed to do a research project for my stats class and I'm so confused as to what my professor wants.

    We have to answer this sentence of questions:

    ____, t(df)= _____, p<.05, d = _____

    My research was the amount of players from Canada on all college hockey teams in a conference vs. the amount of players from the US on those same hockey teams.

    My hypothesis being that there would be more Canadians on the teams vs. Americans.

    My SS = 532
    Number of teams was 8 so degrees of freedom would be 7. (8-1)

    Im not sure if its a 2 tailed test of 1 tailed but I looked up my t-critical value in the back of my book and for a 2 tailed test with the alpha level of .05 the t critical value was 2.365


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    This sounds like a two-tail test to me given your hypothesis.

    H0: u(canada)< u(usa)
    H1: u(canada) > u(usa)

    Assuming you did the calculations correctly, all you need to do is look up the critical value for a 1 sided tail test.


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