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Thread: Probability for a Two-dimensional Discrete random variable

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    Probability for a Two-dimensional Discrete random variable

    Hi all,

    I hope someone can help me a bit facing this problem. I have many item samples from a database (let's say 1000 for example) with two attributes: a price from a range of possible prices (0 to 8000 for example) and color (only two options, black or white).

    I got all these samples and I assumed they represent a Two-dimensional discrete aleatory variable, where one variable (X) is the price, and the other (Y) is the color. Having this I calculated and plotted the Joint density function being the price the x-axis, probability the y-axis and the color the z-axis. The graph seems to follow (roughly) a Normal distribution. In addition I calculated and plotted as well the Conditional Density function fx(x|Y=black) and the Percentiles for black and white options. Black items seem to gather in low prices.

    My question is: having all this information, how can I predict what's the probability of being 'black' (unknown) for a new incoming sample with a certain price (known). I'd like to set a probability percentage threshold to trigger a warning for 'high possibility of new incoming item being black'

    Thanks a lot,


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    Re: Probability for a Two-dimensional Discrete random variable

    Your problem should be related to a classification problem. You can start to read from here


    and see if there are any inspirations for you. There are lots of methods listed in that page which you can consider.

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