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Thread: Partial Correlation question help

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    Question Partial Correlation question help

    Hi, I was wondering if you could help me. I've been set the problem below. I know how to work out the Partial Correlation and I could do it for A1 or A2, but it is the way the question is referring to model A3 without one of the parameters that is confusing me. AM I right in thinking it has to do with the SSR? I don't want a full answer, just a bit of pointing in the right direction!

    MODEL C : Yi = 35.40 + ei
    MODEL A1 : Yi = 36.58 − 0.11X1i + ei
    MODEL A2 : Yi = 47.84 − 0.65X2i + ei
    MODEL A3 : Yi = 47.74 + 0.03X1i − 0.66X2i + ei

    with respective Sums of Squared Errors of SSE(C) = 3530.28, SSE(A1) = 3487.37,
    SSE(A2) = 2678.66 and SSE(A3) = 2676.29.

    (a) What is the partial correlation between X1 and Y in MODEL A3?

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