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Thread: What test to run ?

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    What test to run ?

    Hi everybody!

    I have a small sample of patients that have undergone two interventions and we want to analyze the effect on a specific bloodsample during this course. We have taken blood samples at inclusion of the study, post-intervention1 and then post-intervention2 of all the patients.

    Im using Prism GraphPad and i intended to run RM (Repeated measures) One-way ANOVA with multiple comparisons to analyze the difference inclusion vs. post-int1, incl. vs. postin2 and post-int1 vs. post-int2.

    Any takes on this?

    We also have a control-group. These are random patients where we have analyzed the same blood sample, but we only have 1 measurement from these controls.
    So i was planning on doing unpaired T-test with the same SD with the control vs. inclusion, control vs. post-int1 and then control vs. post-in2. Sounds right?
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