Hello to everyone,

I have a question on how to choose the best statistical test to see whether what I have found is significant or not.
That is an experiment for my master thesis, performed in a german lab. He did the analysis without explain me how and why. Now I have the results, but I don't know how to read them ...

The argument is: An anesthetic agent, called P., has side effects similar to the effects of an hormone, called A. The hypothesis is: P. block the degradation of A, so what we see during the surgery, it's an Enhancement of the A-effect.

The experiment: 2 groups of patients 10 patients undergoing surgery: I- group: was given P, has an anesthetic. II- group:

I measured the amount of A, before to give P (T0), and then at 3 timepoints, after giving P (called T1, T2, T3).

What kind of experiment would you perform to see if actually there is a significant increase of A in the I-group rather than II- group, and if there is a significant increase of A before to give P, and after giving P. And possibily, even why you suggest one test.

I hope anyone can help me Thank you very much if you can!