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Thread: Employee commuting question

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    Employee commuting question

    It takes an average weekday commute of 39 minutes with a Standard Deviation of 7 minutes for the employees to get to work when they use their personal vehicles for their office commute while management set a policy of not more than 40 minutes for their daily one-way commute.For the employees choosing to increase their chances to come on time using personal transportation their variation should be reduced to ___________?

    A. 1 minute
    B. 6 minutes
    C. 3.5 minutes
    D. Eliminate it to 0.0 minutes

    The answer is C.

    I have used the Z score in solving this question and my answer is A. Do anyone know how to get C as the answer? Thanks for your help!

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    Re: Employee commuting question

    Is that all there is to the question? Was there any more context and/or did you paraphrase?
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