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Thread: Which test should I use?

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    Which test should I use?

    Hello There:

    I am wondering which test to use for this question:

    Does the involvement in child welfare in an participants’ life increase the rate of:
    I. Chronic health conditions (Diabetes, Cancer, High Blood Pressure, Asthma, Arthritis, Heart Disease, Stroke, Liver Disease, Chronic Bronchitis/Emphysema/COPD)
    II. Substance use (smoking, alcohol, and other substances)
    III. Mental Health Diagnoses (anxiety disorders, depression, PTSD)
    IV. Indicators for poor mental health

    Answers are all yes/no for the above for the study I did. there were >900 participants for all subcategories.

    Thank you ANY help would be appreciated!!!

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    Re: Which test should I use?

    I think you may use the univariate test (Student/Chisq) for your 4 questions.
    I you consider these variable as qualitative variable forf Chronic health conditions like Cancer/diabetes you have to use the Chisq test. Nevertheless, for quantitative variables you must use the wilcoxon test. Can i ask you which software you will use the these analysis ?
    For some help, do not hesitate.

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    Re: Which test should I use?

    You can always run tests, but a bigger question is the relationship between these variables. Can you establish a temporal relationship or say with confidence that you are not missing an unknown confounder?
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