:ln sng: Wastewater from residential areas, urban collection tank was brought before collection tank sewage systems of automatic duplex to separate garbage, reduce total suspended solids (SS) in the process later.

Wastewater is pumped into the tank combines anaerobic conditioning is "spread out" or "conditioned" in both traffic and to more stable levels of nature and grease removal. Swimming Conditioning & anaerobic wastewater will be stored for 6 hours using processing methods can enhance price MBBR (traditional technologies 12h-24h save).

Anaerobic process entails a significant reduction in hydrocarbons (BOD, COD, down about 50% - 55% compared with the first waste water emission sources, TP 60% -70% reduction,

Sulfide (H2S) insignificant reduction is about 30%, almost at reducing total nitrogen and converted into ammonium (NH4).

Nitrogen (ammonium nitrogen) would cause an imbalance of nutrients (BOD / N / P) and cause poisoning or strangling to microbiology. Thus oxidation and denitrification NO3 NH4 and NO3 cause inevitable N2 to pick above AAO technology.

Biological treatment process takes place:

By microbial oxidation of hydrocarbon compounds, sulfur and phosphorus (reduce BOD, COD, metabolic H2S) and the implementation process of the Ammonium Nitrate chemistry (NH4). Anoxic-Oxic tank wastewater is stored in 4 hours thanks to our use of treatments can enhance MBBR price.