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Thread: Using median case load as a predictor

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    Using median case load as a predictor

    I am testing the impact of a contractor or a public unit working with a customer [ I want to know if a private or public unit had more success] . A big part of this is generating control variables so I can separate out the impact of these from private and public units.

    I assume that median caseload probably impacts the results. I can, at great difficulty, find manually what the case load of each private unit and each public unit was when the member was in the system. So if a member was at unit 5 [which is public] for march 2015 I could list what that median caseload was for that month and year. And if he was in the system in April I can find the caseload for them in that month. And I could use that, along with private/public and other control variables, to predict success.

    But I am not sure if that even makes sense [calculating the impact of caseload this way]. The case load will vary across the time a customer is in the system. Is it legitimate to generate an average caseload as a predictor [one problem with that is that the resulting value would not be a dummy, but would have a single numeric value, the average of the median caseload]. Another problem is that a customer might be there six months, and the predictor would be calculated for the entire time of the study.

    I think I am doing this wrong, but I am not sure how to do it right... Something else is that most of the control variables apply to the customer, I am seeking to eliminate these and certain program differences to get at the impact of public and private unit. Here the difference would be specifically associated with the unit [I know median caseload per unit].
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    Re: Using median case load as a predictor

    I didn't really read your post but quantile regression uses medians and are good heterogeneous residuals.
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