Hi, everybody

I am currently writing my master's degree. In relation to this I have come across a problem regarding reliability in two of my variables.

My study is about footballers and their actions before receiving the ball. On of my variables is a time variable, which measures how much time there is between 1 touch to the next.

When I did a intraobserver reliability test I found out that I often missed with 4-16 hundreths of a second. This is a very small difference, but how do I measure the reliability when there is a small difference? Do I create reliability intervals or do I do a correlation analysis?


Observation 1 Observation 2

1,24 1,28
3,36 3,40
0,96 0,92
5,36 5,24
3,44 3,44

If someone could help me with this I would be extremely grateful.

Kind Regards