Hi all,
I am a newbie here and decided to register because I have a random question that I have been thinking about for a while now. It seems quite trivial but I can't find any written explanations for it..

So all (or let's say most) statistical tests compare performance for subjects or subjects group. I have just collected pilot data from 3 participants, so I am reluctant to run statistical tests averaging across these three people. However, I do need to find out whether for each person, the scores differ between conditions.

So could I use my 60 trials (instead of 60 subjects) and treat this as a complete set of data? So for these 60 trials (from one participant), could I now run a related t-test and compare performance between two conditions that this subject completed?
So in theory, I would like to run a chi-square for each of my three participants individually to get an idea of whether the manipulations in the conditions worked for each participant.
However, I am not sure whether this would mess with my assumptions such as independence of scores?

I hope this is not too random, thanks for sorting out my brain freeze! Any comments are welcome