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Thread: how to argue using wald-test/LR-test for logistic Regression

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    how to argue using wald-test/LR-test for logistic Regression

    Hey there,

    I'm writing my thesis and I did a logistic regression in a data set. At first, it didn't come into my mind that I should argue why I'm using the wald-test or lr-test to test the significance of the coefficients, since in all books I read, said use these test to do it. Unfortunately I have to argue why I'm not using for example the f-test or the t-test. I know that I probably can't use them because of the dichotomous outcome variable I have but I can't find any proof for that. Can you argue through the f-test and t-test being a parametric test which assumes an interval scale of the data? But following this argument you wouldn't be able to apply the wald-test, which is also a parametric test if I understood correctly...

    Can someone help me with that maybe?
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