Hello All,
With test data the parameters were created for mean, standard deviation and the two other moments. I then take look at samples one at time to see if they are outliers. Usually we use 1.96 * stand dev added on to the mean to see if the data point falls within 95% CI but what if the data was positive skewed which would suggest that the top CI is less than what was calculated. How to adjust the confidence intervals for skewness? and what about kurtosis?

It would be great to adjust the error bars using the additional moments in r code
# Standard error of the mean
ggplot(tempdata, aes(x=tempdata$datetime, y=tempdata$TheAvg)) + 
    geom_errorbar(aes(ymin=TheAvg-TheStDev, ymax=TheAvg+TheStDev), width=.1) +
    geom_line() +