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Thread: Hypergeometric problem

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    Hypergeometric problem

    Hello all,

    I have some problems with this question. Can you assist ? Thanks !

    In a cellar there are 3 bottles of wine which are 18 years old, 4 bottles which are 20 years old and 3 more bottles which are 22 years old. Two bottles are being sampled by random. Let X be the average age of the wine (of the two bottles). Find P(X=20). I tried solving this by understanding that there are 10C2 possibilities (number of pairs), and I am interested in 15 of them. It gives me 1/3. I am not sure I am correct. Can you help me with the number of options in the nominator and denominator? Thanks !

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    Re: Hypergeometric problem

    Looks correct to me.
    I don't have emotions and sometimes that makes me very sad.

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