I am looking for a way to design a model, which can in some way predict a gentrification process.

I am using various indicators such as age structure, income, real estate prices etc. over a time period of ten years. Gentrification can be diagnosed if simultaneously the social scale of a neighborhood is upgraded (higher income people, better educated, lower share of unemployed etc.) and the real estate market in that neighborhood is intensified (rising prices per m2, higher share of owner-occupation etc.)

Here is the problem. If I were to analyse all these indicators on one variable (e.g. the effect of a social upgrade on rising m2 prices), then a simple regression analysis would suffice. But Gentrification is not a simple variable but a process, that consists of a set of variables changing over time , therefore I dont know how to proceed with my research.

Is there a way to analyse that and to develop a prediction model capable of this problem?

I hope somebody can answer me.